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Educate to Raise Enrollment Posted on Thursday, June 22 in Increasing Sales.

According to the National Center for Education Statics, private school enrollment has been on the decline for years. And the center projects that enrollment will dip to 9% of prekindergarten through 12th-grade students by 2025. [1]

With current concerns about cuts to public education programs, there is an opportunity for private schools to not only reverse this trend but increase enrollment.

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Every parent wants the best education for their child, but that doesn’t mean they always know how to make that happen. From class size to special needs, there are many things to consider. And with private school often associated with privileged classes or religious pedagogy, it may be an option that hasn’t occurred to many middle-class families.

If you’re looking to increase enrollment, you need to highlight the benefits your school offers students and their families.

Emphasize Differentiators

Turn the pain points that many parents experience when it comes to public education into positives for your school. You don’t have to look far beyond the latest headlines on budget cuts and overcrowding to find an angle.

Student to Teacher Ratios – Many parents fear that their child’s special needs and unique talents will be overlooked in public schools. Boast about smaller classes sizes and more involved teaching staff. Demonstrate that students thrive in more intimate classroom settings.

Art & Music Programs – When budgets are cut, enrichment programs are the first thing to go, despite that fact that they are proven to complement academics and benefit students. Showcase your school’s commitment to these programs.

Sports Teams & Training – Athletics are important to many families. Learning to play a sport and be a part of a team helps children develop life skills. Highlight your facilities, equipment, and coaches.

Promote Student Success

From your website to your marketing strategy, you need to give prospects the information they need to make an educated decision. Consider developing videos, case studies, and brochures that tout the benefits of a private education. And remember, parents will only care about your differentiators if you can prove that they benefit your students. Put student success stories front and center.

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1. “Private School Enrollment;” National Center for Education Statistics; March 2017

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