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How to Drive More Auto Sales

DealerRater allows your sales staff to build their own brand Posted on Thursday, March 16 in Increasing Sales.

It is important for the financial health of your dealership to drive more consumers into the showroom. 


Consumers spend 13 hours researching a potential vehicles online but only visit an average 1.5 dealerships 1. One might think consumers choose a particular dealership based on the price of a vehicle, but market research indicates it is not the primary reason for their choice of dealer.

In a recent Nielsen Mid-Atlantic Auto Market Study, 93% of consumer participants said price was the determining factor in their choice of dealership to purchase an automobile. However, the second most important factor was dealer reputation, cited by 84% of survey participants 2. In fact, 97% of auto shoppers would prefer to choose their sales person before entering a dealership 3.

How can your sales team help build your dealership’s reputation in a measurable way that drives sales? 

DealerRater will empower your sales staff to increase their lead by building their own brand. Imagine, what if each salesperson on your floor could have consumers write a review about their buying experience that led to more vehicle sales?

Consumers who view DealerRater content are 3.5x MORE likely to buy a vehicle. 52% of those buyers do so within 4 weeks of visiting the site 4. DealerRater has a high Google ranking in search engine and reaches more than 40 million unique auto shoppers every month. 

How does DealerRater fit with

Now your dealership can have two sites with engaged audiences working together to meet dealer and consumer needs. DealerRater Connections will have your reviews posted on multiple sites, including It will help connect your top sales persons with new customers.

If you would like to learn more about DealerRater, connect with us online or call at 856-663-6000. Let’s grow your business together.



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2. Nielsen Mid-Atlantic Auto Market Study in conjunction with USA Network, February 17, 2017

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