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Captivate Audiences with Gravity

Gravity ads from the Courier-Post Media Group do more than reach audiences, they inspire action. Posted on Monday, March 20 in Breaking Through the Clutter.

Are you looking to improve engagement and increase conversions? Look no further. Gravity, a high-impact ad unit developed by the USA TODAY NETWORK, may be the answer to all of your digital advertising problems. Gravity allows you to engage with consumers like never before by creating an IMAX-style advertising experience for your target audience.

What is Gravity?Sample Gravity Ad

USA TODAY NETWORK launched Gravity ad units in 2014. These ads were the first of their kind and quickly proved to be effective for a wide variety of businesses. In fact, MOAT Analytics reported that desktop ads running across the network outperformed typical display ads, achieving an 83% in-view rate and a 60% interaction rate. [1] In 2016, the USA TODAY NETWORK announced additional ad enhancements that allowed businesses to create high-impact ad content with 360-degree video with a direct call to action at any point in the video.

How does Gravity Work?

With Gravity High Impact ad units, your video or image is shown in full-screen with a fluid design that allows you to captivate your audience and encourage interaction. To get started, provide a high-resolution image or video, any additional custom content text or images, and a company logo. Then, we take care of the rest. Most start to see the benefits of engaging their target audience through high-impact ad content right away.

What’s more, we also provide interaction and completion metrics through MOAT and Pointroll, allowing you to see the impact of your ads and determine the return on investment.

Why You Need Gravity

In the end, the only way to determine if high-impact ads are successful in engaging audiences is by looking at performance metrics. Let’s take a look at some real performance results. [2] When compared to IAB Billboard industry standard ads, Gravity ads boast:

  • 750% increase in interaction rates.
  • 90% increase in attention quality.
  • Increased user engagement with over 50% playing the ads multiple times.

These performance metrics show that Gravity ads increase engagement and interaction rates significantly. This means that not only are your target customers more likely to view your ad content, but they’re also more likely to respond to its call to action.

Are you ready for Gravity?

Are you ready to transform the way your consumers interact with your ad content? We’d love to talk to you more about our Gravity ad units and how they can change the way that you advertise. Contact us today to get started creating ads that captivate and convert.

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1. “USA TODAY NETWORK adds 360 video to Gravity ad unit; launches with Club Med;” USA TODAY; 08/01/2016

2. Indianapolis Star

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